How to Make Your Building Fire-Proof

Besides setting up a fire protection system in the building, it’s also important to take note of fire-prevention methods and fire alarm systems that will make the area fire-proof.

Here are ways that a fire protection system can prevent fires from damaging property and endangering lives.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials
Some modern buildings in Singapore use materials in construction that are not easily affected by heat or do not easily disintegrate when exposed to high temperatures, do not expand when exposed to heat, will not catch fire easily, and will not lose its strength when exposed to fire. Materials that do not easily catch fire or expand when exposed to heat include brick, stone, timber, asbestos cement, steel, glass, aluminum, and concrete. However, if you are renting an office space in a building that is not necessarily fire-resistant, you can still take steps to reduce fire hazards.

Install Fire Extinguishers
The most basic fire protection system for any building is the installation of fire extinguishers. They are installed in brackets or walls not lower than 3 feet from the floor for easy access. Some buildings in Singapore are required to install at least one fire extinguisher every 75 feet. If your office has a kitchen, garage, workshop, and storage room, it’s important to install fire extinguishers along with a working fire protection system in Singapore complete with alarms and suppressors.

Determine the Type of Fire Extinguisher
You should also be able to predict what type of fire can possibly start in the building. The fire department classifies six different types of fires that can be put out using different methods and suppressors. This is why you will find different types of fire extinguishers such as water, foam, powder, carbon dioxide, wet chemical extinguishers, and fire blankets. You will not need all of these but they can help augment your current fire protection system.

Identify Flammable Materials and Fire Hazards
Most offices in Singapore store paper, cardboard boxes, and other flammable materials and use electronic gadgets such as computers and printers. All these items can cause fire but that does not mean you can’t use them anymore. Just make sure that all the equipment and machine get enough power supply and are serviced regularly by a licensed technician or electrician, while flammable items are stored or disposed properly.

Install a Fire Detector
The fire detector used is an important component in any fire protection system because it monitors smoke and heat levels. There are three types of smoke detectors used in most fire alarm systems such as photoelectric, ionization, and a combination of the two. Consult your fire protection system provider in Singapore to determine which fire detector is suitable for the building or office.

Install a Fire Alarm System
The fire or heat detectors will signal the alarm systems to alert the residents or occupants of a possible fire. People and the authorities responsible for putting out the fire can be automatically or manually alerted through sirens, lights, voice alarm, and others.